world environment day

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day! Lets pledge to save our environment and our Dombivli. On this note, some food for thought!

In 2010, The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in conjunction with IIT-Delhi recently surveyed 88 industrial clusters around the country and found 43 “critically polluted” (score above 70 on a 100 point scale) while 32 were “severely polluted” (score 60-70). Our dear Dombivli had score – 78.41/100 !!

There after the study was published by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. Some extracts of 2010 report by Maharastra Pollution Control Board – Action Plan For Industrial Cluster  –  “Dombivali”

“Present level of pollutants in water bodies/effluent receiving drains /ground water: – At present there are many leakages at various locations in the drainage pipeline & existing drainage pipeline is very old. The repairing & replacement will help avoid leakage of effluent into the nalla. Also the treated effluent from CETPs & untreated domestic effluent from residential areas is discharged into Natural Nalla at Khambalpada Nalla & Bhopar Nalla which flows through residential area and giving chance for frequent complaints of smell nuisance”

analysis report bhopar nala, Dombivli
analysis report bhopar nala, Dombivli

“Out of 345 effluent generating industries, major units are textile, chemical and bulk drugs, pharmaceuticals, dyes, pesticides, etc. The partly treated effluent of the SSI units and fully treated Effluent of MSI/ LSI units is carried through MIDC pipe line to CETP, along with the domestic effluent (sewage) of Industries in the MIDC zone. The total treated effluent generated from MIDC area is about 14.0 MLD.”

major polluting industry in Dombivli
major polluting industry in Dombivli

“Other issues – 1) Illegal disposal of liquid chemical waste in to the nallas & drains flowing through MIDC by tankers 2) Leachates arising from unscientific dumping of MSW by the nearby Grampanchyats in open plots and along the road side of MIDC.”

Nothing on the points mentioned in the action plan seems to have been implemented.

In Feb 2014, 72 companies were given closure notices by MPCP; these companies, however, started on conditional basis. Page 153 of report National Ambient Air Quality Status & Trends – 2012 shows increasing trends in  NO2 and SO2 in Kalyan Dombivli.  In research report, titled Toxic metals pollution due to industrial effluents released along Dombivali Industrial Belt of Mumbai, India, Singare and Dhabharde conclude  existing situation if neglected may cause severe long term damage to the surrounding population as well as to the ecosystem. In another paper both made following concluding remark – “Masses should be made aware of the drastic consequences of such a situation on their lives, both directly and indirectly. The existing situation if mishandled can cause irreparable ecological harm in the long term well masked by short term economic prosperity due to extensive industrial growth.”

Our action plan: Lets file RTI application to MPCB on the status of action plan

KhoyaPaya missing child portal

KhoyaPaya, A Portal To Help Find Missing Children

Many a times, we come across Facebook posts on missing children being shared. Over 200 children go missing each day. It is becoming increasingly difficult to combat this situation. Under Modi’s Digital India initiative, KhoyaPaya is a portal dedicated to filing reports for missing and found children.

What does this portal do?

  • Allow people to report instances of missing or found children
  • Verify listings. Instances are recorded only against valid FIR
  • Parents can upload images of missing children which may be viewed by visitors and might help in spotting children
  • Provide statistics of missing children cases
  • Take as step towards addressing social problem
  • Helps educate people reporting these cases to Police line 100 and CHILDLINE 1098

Challenges? How will this portal reach out to the masses who can help spot missing children. Nevertheless, since December 2014, it has about 886 users registered and total 39 verified missing reports and 25 verified sighting reports

Visit the website: KhoyaPaya | Let the world know about the portal and contribute to the social cause!

Nisargotsav – Celebrating Nature

Did you visit Nisargotsav? Dombivli Nature Lovers Team organizing Nisargotsav, a photography exhibition covering nature in and around Kalyan & Dombivli. Dont miss –  @ Bal Bhavan, Dombivli East from 29th May to 31st May 2015 | 11 AM to 8 PM.

Thakur Vada – established in 1973, Mr. Pawar originally operated from Kelkar Road. Currently happily serves his loyal customers at Agarkar Road.

ajinkya rahane dombivli

Dombivli and International Cricket Connections

ajinkya rahaneAjinkya Rahane: This lad who is seen in shadows of stylish Rahul Dravid, hails from the gullies of Dombivli and known for breaking neighborhood glasses playing with rubber balls. His father diverted his energy from breaking glasses to technical cricket by enrolling him in cricket camp at Dombivli Railway ground at age of 7. Just for cricket, he moved from Tilak Nagar Vidyamandir to SV Joshi High school. Today, he is one of the fittest and agile players in the team. Did you know he is a black belt in Karate! In one interview, he admitted that hardships he faced in early period of career, carrying cricket kit for an hour in fast train from Dombivli to CST helped him gain patience. His schoolmates recollects, how with heavy kit he used to board 5am local at Dombivli to play cricket at Shivaji park or Azad Maidan and return only by night in crowded trains.

nilesh kulkarniNilesh Kulkarni: Born in Dombivli, he became first Indian bowler to take wicket on debut ball in international test cricket. He was nicknamed ‘Dombivli ka Amitabh’ by his teammates. With only 13 international games, he spent most of his career in Mumbai team and has taken over 300 wickets.

Rohit Sharma: Rohit’s story is considered to be rags-to-riches story of Indian cricket. His father who had been in transportation business shifted from Andhra Pradesh to stay in one room flat in Dombivli. However, Rohit spend most of his time in Borivali with his uncle where he got most of his cricket lessons.

Sachin Tendulkar: God of Cricket, Sachin has some connections with Dombivli where his maternal grandmother stays.

tendulkar photographed in dombivli when 6 months old
tendulkar photographed in dombivli when 6 months old


Vinod Kambli: Known for his gaint partnership with Sachin Tendulkar and his friendship with the God, his Dombivli connects are on wrong note. Dombivli Nagari Sahkari Bank published him and his wife as defaulter for outstanding loans.

This dude filmed on board high speed train running past Kopar and Dombivli stations. Must watch

PAWS dombivli in Nepal

PAWS Dombivli reaches out to Nepal animals

Not only humans but animals suffered a lot from the multiple earthquakes happened in Nepal earlier this year. In an estimate around 5000+ animals were injured and many died.

PAWS Dombivli, PFA Pune and Shri Ramanugrah Trust Mumbai have teamed up with NGOs from Nepal – Animal Nepal and Street Dog Care, Nepal to provide greater assistance to the affected animals. PAWS has collected medicines and other materials for these NGOs and in addition to this, a team trained in disaster management will stay in Nepal for a week.PAWS founder Nilesh Bhanage said, “PAWS tries to help animals in distress during such natural calamities. Animals that have survived the earthquake face a lot of difficulties such as lack of food and veterinary care.”

paws news
paws news

Read the original article here. | Post your comments and like their page on facebook – PAWS Dombivli 

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